About Us

  • Who we are - ZA DUCKY Inc (TM) is a candle maker that provides premium scented candles with high quality ingrediencies.  We spend time to offer the best hand-made products to our customers. 
  • What we sell - We offer hand poured 100 % soy candles with high quality scented oil with carefully selected containers and wicks to highlight your home décor or thoughtful gifts to your friends and family.  
  • Why we sell it - Starting candle making as hobby, we'd realized that we were making our products to share.  Encouragement from our dear friends, we'd decided to share our unique products to others.  This is why we decided to contribute our sales to various charities.  
  • It's not About Us.  It's About You - We are only here if you are here for us.  We would like to hear your comments both positive and negative.  Our goal isn't defend our products but improving them.  Please let us know how you feel after using our products.